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French Baratin is a podcast to improve your French by listening to discussions and debates on topics related to French society.

Each month, we present a 45-minute episode on a new topic.

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Our episodes


avatar Cecile

Cécile teaches French, eats galettes des rois and says "du coup" a lot when she speaks. In this podcast, you'll often hear her talk about languages, education, ecology, feminism and lots more...

avatar Rafael

Rafael composes music and creates sound effects. He loves olives and Alsatian tarte au fromage blanc. He is Franco-German and learned to speak English from The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. His future plans include learning Italian and taking his coastal sailing license.

avatar Sibylle

Sibylle makes history research, chocolate cakes and big gestures when she talks. You won't see the latter, but you might hear her tell you about her passion for audiobooks, riddles and winter evenings by the fire.



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